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There are four major quality problems facing artificial turf industry in nowadays

August, 06, 2013

There are four major quality problems facing artificial turf industry in nowadays. Firstly, some turfs have uneven fading problems after long-time sunlight exposure, which affects the aesthetic of the landscaping. Secondly, chromatic aberration problems often occur in the manufacturing process due to unqualified drawing equipment. Thirdly, some grass is not so smooth that produces strong static electricity frictions, which causes high abrasion coefficient and affects the sport effectiveness. Fourthly, some turfs may wear out due to low-level abrasive resistance or bottom intensity.
Vivaturf Co., Ltd is a company that endeavors to provide our consumers with high-quality products and service. Vivaturf aims to produce high-quality artificial turfs so it has strict and standardized quality management system from raw material purchasing to manufacturing. Vivaturf has a professional procurement team to exercise stringent control over raw materials in the first place. In addition, Vivaturf imports advanced manufacturing equipments and strictly control the production process. Vivaturf pays special attention to details, and enhances cooperation and exchange with counterparts, both at home and aboard, to gear itself to the international standards. In Vivaturf, the motto of seeing excellence is engrained in every staff’s mind.