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Warmly celebrate the third employee festival of VIVATURF!

February, 06, 2018



On the morning of January 15, all VIVATURF employees gathered at Fangqiao factory to start their colorful employee activities. The theme of this activity is ‘unity and mutual assistance, forge ahead’. The winner can receive generous gifts.


In the cheering of everyone, the team activities such as three-legged race, the ping-pong ball relay, the team's back-briquetting, In the same boat, and the mine field started successfully. Everyone held the spirit of ‘friendship first and competition second’ and cooperated with each other, greatly promoting VIVATURF teamwork.


This event not only enhanced the ability of team communication and understanding, but also strengthened the mutual trust between employees and aroused the enthusiasm and morale. Team members work together to stimulate their own potential and toward the end, enhance the ability of team communication and collaboration, increase overall vitality during happiness.


In the future work, employees will be able to better understand and trust each other. With more enthusiasm into the work, each member of VIVATURF will contribute their strength to the sustained and rapid development of the company.