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Vivaturf Enjoyed Enthusiastic Family Day of Making Dumplings

January, 04, 2018


It becomes colder and colder as late winter is approaching. The Winter Solstice is one of Chinese traditional festivals. Vivaturf takes this chance to organize all staffs to make and cooking Chinese dumplings as it is Chinese tradition.This a good chance for all staff to feel warm in Vivaturf team with this wonderful family day of making dumplings.


In the morning of 23rd Dec., Vivaturf team were separate into 10 groups, Every groups was well organized and started preparation with enthusiasm. Wiping tables, laying table clothes, getting stuffing and etc. Everyone was arrange with preparation work they.


Everything is ready and everyone cannot wait to mix stuffing, make dumplings and boil dumplings. The steps are well organized and executed with close team cooperation.Each group members doing their jobs perfectly.


In whole dumplings cooking timeline, everyone was excited and enjoyed the process of making dumplings. And they commented on specially made dumplings with personal features. Whole room was filled with sounds of laughing and joy-fullness. Everyone enjoyed happiness and gains of team building.


Everyone cannot wait to taste, as soon as dumplings were well cooked. Dip dumplings into special made sauce, have a bit, it is enjoy with the juicy delicious stuffing, and warm soup.This is a home taste, every people were happy.


The activity was short, soon everyone needed to come back to their own home. It is still could tell from everyone’s face that this is not only a chance to making dumplings. It is a chance for all stuff get together to feel warmness of Vivaturf team and communicate and wish for the best of coming 2018.