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2017 VIVATURF Employee’s Badminton League

December, 05, 2017



On the morning of November 25, all employees of VIVATURF gathered in the New Sports Center for the badminton league.


The badminton competition uses doubles mode, separating internal trade team and external trade team, the partner were decided by lottery , each team randoms confrontation, the winning team can enter the next round of competition, the final winner team will be given a prize.


Bid farewell to the state of tension at work, everyone was eager, full of expectations for the upcoming game. After a brief warm-up, the match started, the teams fiercely contested and the others cheered.


Unfamiliar partners were bound to make a lot of funny things, they beat to play together, no one could catch the ball commonly. However, members of the same group adapted quickly, cooperated tacitly, adjusted the strategic layout quickly, focused on the game, showed the unique style of VIVATURF. Friendship first, competition second, with this competition, we are further familiar with each other and enhance the cohesion of the team.


VIVATURF always insisted "People-oriented" philosophy, with a healthy body, in order to have a better work life. Sedentary body injury, we must adhere to exercise.