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Sponsor public welfare, VIVATURF is on the road

November, 06, 2017


Liantang School is located in the remote area of Xiangyin County, Hunan Province. It is a rural school, which more than 40 kilometers away from the town, has more than 50 years of history. There are 5 classes in the school, 9 teachers with 87 children to learn and grow here.


There is a piece of cement in front of the classroom, and a sandy land in the middle of the cement. This sandy land is the only playground for children to play. Whether it is the scorching sun, or drizzle, children always like to play on the sand. The sand seems to hide their small world.


But it's not enough for just one piece of sand, the children also need a safe lawn where they can play freely and become a small football player. But in the country, artificial grass is very rare.


In early August, the teachers of Liantang school have got in touch with “Beijing Thanksgiving Foundation ", and got the support of “one school one dream" project team. In the joint efforts of caring people, they choose VIVATURF’s artificial grass, and round a dream for the children.


Learned that the school would be paved with VIVATURF artificial grass, the children became busy up. They helped the teacher together to clean the cement, made the preparation work. As soon as the artificial grass began to unfold, the children could not wait to have a close contact with it. The whole process was basically done by the teachers and children themselves. Although the lawn has not yet been paved, but the slightest can not resist the enthusiasm of children, a free time, they came to play on the lawn.


The artificial grass of VIVATURF is non-toxic and tasteless, all raw materials from domestic and foreign quality suppliers, all products will be inspected strictly for five times before shipped out to ensure the product’s quality.  It is safe to let the children release their instincts on the grass.


Watching the children were rolling, kicking and chasing on the grass , the principal exclaimed: the children finally have a safety grass, and they can grow up more healthier."