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VIVATURF Yarn Pass 5000 UV Test Applied by LABOSPORT - Firm Step for FIFA Certification

July, 31, 2017

On 10th July 2017 VIVATURF yarn passed UV test applied by LABOSPORT. As a leading sport field and facility testing agency, LABOSPORT is a lab assigned by FIFA as 3rd party lab to conduct FIFA related test according to FIFA standards.


VIVATURF yarn, Prostar and Proline, passed 5000 UV test, which marks the completion of first step of FIFA certification. Anti-UV level is one of critical measurements of artificial grass quality. Outdoor artificial grass is mostly exposed under sunshine. UVA and UVA in sunshine will accelerate grass aging and color fading.Normally, artificial grass with higher anti-UV level will be more stable and durable which will facilitate it with better longevity and anti-aging performance.


VIVATURF always uphold ‘for the best only’ as business principal to ensure safe and healthy sports experience with VIVATURF artificial grass.