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Overwhelming VIATURF Sales Increase - VIVATURF Sales Exceeds 15 Million by June

July, 05, 2017

June, 2017 sales revenue of VIVATURF exceeds 15 million, which is almost the same as the total revenue of 2016. The significant sales increase shows the potential of artificial grass industry, the huge capacity and marketing success of VIVATURF.  


VIVATURF devotes to expand international market of artificial grass since its foundation in 2008. With the increase of orders, VIVATURF felt it is imperative to improve manufacturing capacity and started planning to set up the second manufacturing site in early 2015. On Jan 15th of 2017, the second factory of VIVATURF was put into use,  which doubles VIVATURF manufacturing capacity. For now, annual capacity of 15,000 Tons artificial yarn and 15 million square meters artificial turf facilitates VIVATURF as one of top artificial grass manufacturers in China. Moreover, VIVATURF is leading the industry with artificial grass core technology.


With solid manufacturing capacity and joint effort of different teams, VIVATURF has achieved good reputation and market share in both domestic and international markets. Its sales channel covers over 80 countries/regions in 5 continents. With high quality products and excellent service, VIVATURF is highly appreciated by its clients.


For years in artificial grass , VIVATURF always persists enterprises spirit of “Pragmatism, innovation, Keep Improving”. With business operation philosophy of “for the best only”, VIVATURF devotes itself into manufacturing of artificial grass to bring best in class user experience to the market .


Moving forward, VIVATURF will keep baring its initial intentions, make good use of R&D and innovation capabilities as driving source of continuous development to strive for bigger success. We believe huge success of VIVATURF in the future is promising with proved product quality.