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VIVATURF artificial turf stays nice after 180,000 cycles of Lisport Anti-Wearing Test

July, 03, 2017

VIVATURF artificial turf passed a test of 180,000 cycles of Lisport anti-wearing test applied by East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) on June 2nd, 2017. ECUST Sports Site Synthetic Material Testing Center is a member of ISSS, a member of the International Sports Surface Science Association. It is highly authoritative in the industry and is also designated by the China Athletics Association as a testing laboratory under the association.


The test was applied by referencing FIFA QUALITY CONCEPT "Handbook of Test Methods and Requirements for Artificial Turf Football Surfaces". During the test, the lab used testing facility with nail rollers to roll back and forth on the artificial turf sample, simulating athletes with spikes running on turf surface. Tested artificial turf was inspected and evaluated after 180,000 cycles of test . The result is pretty positive shown as " Part of the grass yarn deformation, limited yarn broken and fell off, no significant damage and fall off on SBR Latex backing".

Anti-wearing performance is one of the key indicators of artificial turf quality, especially sports turf. Artificial turf with premium anti-wearing performance implies enhanced durability and longevity. In the market, general requirement for the testing is 30,000 to 15 0,000 cycles for the moment. VIVATURF artificial turf stays nice after test of 180,000 cycles, which shows proved quality of its turf quality.


"For The Best Only" is the business philosophy of VIVATURF. We will continue to uphold this concept and protect the customer first-class sports experience effectively.