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Great VIVATURF Family Day Enjoyed with Picking Myrica rubra (Chinese Bayberry)

July, 03, 2017

Mid-June is a good time to pick Myrica rubra. In the hot summer, Myrica rubra is a sweet fruit with slight sour taste which is good for health.


On June 17th, 2017, VIVATURF Marketing Center organized an activity of picking Myrica rubra near MeiYuan Garden in Wuxi. VIVATURF staffs enjoyed sweet time together with their families.


Early in the morning, we drove to MeiYuan Garden happily and lively. Everyone can’t wait to take a small basket for picking Myrica rubra as soon as they arrived. Putting a Myrica rubra into the mouth, the juice overflowing, sweet and sour taste wrapped around the mouth, which is amazing and memorable. Everyone is busy with picking, laughing, tasting and enjoying the natural gift.  Lovely Children played together and helped each other in the big family of VIVATURF.


Everyone had a great time with their families.  Team spirit was enhanced while relaxing in nature together. We believe it help us to work with great enthusiasm in the future.