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2017 China Sport Show highlights, VIVATURF with non-infill football grass system heavy struck

May, 26, 2017

As the Asia-Pacific region's largest and most authoritative sports goods event, the annual China Sport Show had received unprecedented attention once again. On May 23rd, the sports related industries gathered in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. Together with the world leading non-infill football grass system, VIVATURF stunning debut.


VIVATURF had carefully prepared for this exhibition. With simple, modern and green as the design concept, the fresh white and green color main tone booth attracted a large number of exhibitors to patronize. The booth was specially equipped with a small non-infill football field, with net goal and football, so the customers who came here to negotiate could play football to have fun.


Non-infill football grass is a very forward-looking new product from VIVATURF which meets the current environmental protection and green theme. In the past, non-infill grass had the constraints which can't have the both advantages of non-infill and professional. After the innovative research and repeated trial, ultimately we introduced the current "non-infill football grass+ shockpad" grass system which had been able to laying the 11-a-side professional football field perfectly.


VIVATURF non-infill football grass system not only has the unparalleled advantage on safety and environmental protection, but also gets the achievements on professional and protective features. It was been praised by the Tianjin football legend Shen Furu and Gao Fuxiang. Compared with some advanced pitches which they have seen in many countries, the foot feeling of VIVATURF non-infill football field is very good. Whether from the ball rebound or the rolling distance of football, are very close to the natural grass. It also has powerful protection function for the athletes and reduces the injury rate.


As the sports goods industry's annual event, the China Sport Show returning to  Shanghai known as China's "Oriental Pearl" once again. All the exhibitors were resorted to all means to show all kinds of high-end, refined and top products which attracted hundreds thousands of viewers all over the world. VIVATURF non-infill football grass system strong launched and would bring a new wave of artificial turf industry.