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【Project Case】Non-infill Soccer Field Of Century Shengfa Group

April, 28, 2017

Project Name: Non-infill Soccer Field Of Century Shengfa Group
Project Place: Tianjin
Project Time: December, 2016
Product model: VIVATURF Non-infill soccer grass
Advantage of the model:
1.Patent technology of yarn- Air-Dressing TM;
2.Patent technology of PU backing- Eco-locking TM;
3.Excellent sports performance that can reach FIFA 2 star use effect;
4.Excellent sports protection function 
This are the pictures of Shen furu and Gao fuxiang who are very famous Soccer legend in Tianjin:
They have been to many countries and seen a lot of advanced soccer pitches. But after experiencing our field, they felt the sports performance is very good, whether from the the football bouncing or rolling distance. Both are very similar to real grass.
President of JIANGSU VIVATURF CO., LIMITED Mr. Aaron Zhao (left) and the Chairman of Century Shengfa Group. Mr. Cui Hongying (middle),General Managerof Tianjin Zhihuo tourism Co., Ltd. Sun Chao (right), they kicked off  together for the "Century Shengfa Charity Cup".
It is title sponsored football tournament in order to celebrate the completion of the stadium. There were eight participating teams, six were selected from the second "Healthy People's Cup" soccer league and the other two entered from the second half process directly. In the future, Century Shengfa field will be the home field of ‘Healthy People’s Cup’ and will be held more matches.