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April, 28, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:
Thanks for your kind attention!
We, JIANGSU VIVATURF CO., LIMITED, sincerely invite you to visit the 2017 CHINA SPORT SHOW in Shanghai (VIVATURF BOOTH NO.: 6.2A025). During the exhibition, we will show you a variety of newly designed artificial grass turf for sports and landscaping, including the VIVATURF Non-infill soccer grass with several selling points. Hope you could pay a visit to us!



VIVATURF Non-infill soccer grass, opening the 4th generation of artificial grass industry!
VIVATURF’s new Non-infill soccer grass has obtained patents, grass pile height 25mm, Fabrillated yarns mixed with curved yarns, installed together with shockpad, it does not need to infill any particles. The raw materials used are the latest scientific and technological achievements imported from Dow. It makes the grass yarn much more durable than before. And the standard of environmental protection and other indexes are much higher than the standard of domestic testing institutions.
VIVATURF’s new Non-infill soccer grass has improved a lot of professional performance, such as the football ground bounce, and rolling distance are very close to the real grass. It is the best one that could performance very similar to natural grass.
VIVATURF’s new Non-infill soccer grass was installed and applied for paving France Zidane youth training base and domestic century shengfa stadium in 2016, whether from the appearance, the work performance and the protection function of the athletes have outstanding performance, has earned extensive recognitions.
Non-infill soccer grass is totally different from the traditional football grass. It’s a great innovation, and consequently VIVATURF has proposed "4G" concept for artificial grass. 
Non-infill soccer grass is the great event for the beginning of 4G, and this will be a remarkable record in the history of artificial grass!