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VIVATURF barbecued in the weekend.

April, 28, 2017

Time flies, in this spring, in order to rich living environment for staff, create harmonious, united corporate culture and strengthen enterprise cohesion, VIVATURF sales staff organized barbecue activity in the Winding Gulf of Taihu. This is another traditional project in VIVATURF.      
Family members of VIVATURF staffs also attended this activity. The active participation of family members created very happy atmosphere.
So many delicious food and good ingredients for this BBQ, VIVATURF family started several grills, the foodfest kicked off. Monthly staff birthday celebration is also in this event. Lighting candles in the spring scenery is so interesting, birthday cake is warmly welcomed by children.
In BBQ event, VIVATURF demonstrated good team work. All the persons taste DIY food and talked about work and some interesting things in life. It is really rare moment of relaxation.
The event lasted nearly 3 hours, all the people got the nice food and had a good time. That is what VIVATURF always doing to relax the staff, enhance mutual relationship after tense work.