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VIVATURF won the advanced collective title from Jiangsu Sport Construction Industry Association

April, 07, 2017

In March 2017, VIVATURF received the "advanced collective" honor certificate which awarded from Jiangsu Sport Construction Industry Association. This is the Association’s affirmation for the work which VIVATURF made the outstanding achievements in promoting the economic and industry development. It also encourages VIVATURF to continue to make efforts to build green projects, to protect the public and campus health.


In the face of some bad companies to grab the market at low prices, taking advantages of lax supervision and imperfect testing standard which lead to the frequent situations of "poison runway" and "poison turf", VIVATURF always insists on providing the safe, green, Eco-friendly and superior-quality products. VIVATURF also install the site strictly in accordance with the "Jiangsu sports facilities construction site guide book", access to the association and customer recognition.


In 2016, the sales of VIVATURF exceeded 200 million Yuan. With the development, the production capability of 5000 tons yarns ad 5 million square meters artificial turf can’t meet the business need. Therefore, VIVATURF built the second factory and increase the production equipment and related R&D equipments, production capability doubled. Currently, the sales and production capacity of VIVATURF are ranked the forefront of the country, coupled with excellent product quality and complete service, VIVATURF artificial turf has formed a certain brand influence in the industry.