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Climbing the Huishan Mountain in the rain, the mountaineering activities carried out smoothly.

April, 07, 2017

In the morning of March 18th, all the staffs of VIVATURF sales department gathered in Wuxi Huishan Mountain and started the outing activities along with the winding road in the spring light rain. Actually the mountain hiking in the March every spring is the traditional activity of VIVATURF.


Outdoor sports have always been highly regarded. However, the daily life of office workers is busy, usually living a life between company and home, seldom have time to carry out the outdoor exercise, let alone enjoy the fun of nature. VIVATURF organized a mountaineering campaign may not be able to play a good exercise effect, more is to convey a "happy movement, healthy life" concept, to encourage everyone in the busy work and spare time should also moderate exercise, close to nature.


The Huishan winding road is located in the Huishan Forest Park and the whole journey is 11.6 km. This road is flat with gentle slope; the proper length is suitable for the young and old. It is the favorite sport route for the local people. All along both sides of the road, there are the verdant trees and flowers. The colorful flowers and green leaves complement each other, beautiful scenery, fresh air, there is a delightful feeling.


Dozens people of VIVATURF team climbed from the root of Huishan with laughter and enjoyable all the way. The good physical people rushed ahead quickly while the poor physical ones followed slowly. Boarded the peak of Huishan Mountain, the body tired can not hide the excitement. Surrounded by the colleagues and friends, the distance is the Taihu Lake in the hazy rain. The vast mountain with fog, like a fairyland, this is a different kind of open mind we can't understand when stay in the office.