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Enrich the enterprise life, the staff sports meet of VIVATURF was held successfully

January, 17, 2017

After continuous days of fog and haze, the weather returned to show the vast clear sky. In the afternoon of Jan. 15th, under the blue sky and white clouds, the staff sports meet was held in the second factory of VIVATURF. More than 200 staffs from the first factory, the second factory and sales department, these three teams participated in the competition.


“Happy sports, healthy life” is the advocacy concept of VIVATURF, which is not only from the inseparable property of VIVATURF products and sports, but also from the president Mr. Aaron Zhao created the original intention of company. The Staff Day and the annual staff sports meet are set up to stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff to participate in sports fitness, and will become the company culture of VIVATURF and continue.


The games are mainly based on entertainment and supplemented by the competition. Four games were set up. Hot wheels, Tug of War and Clip the ball with back are required the teamwork to complete the games. Only the rope skipping is the single event. Sports meet let every staff have the fun of participation, not only achieved the wisdom and strength of the competition, but also the embodiment of team spirit.


The sports meet ended in a harmonious atmosphere of laughter. VIVATURF not only prepared the prizes and gifts for the top three winners, also for everyone involved in the game. This embodies the Games "friendship first, competition second" and the purpose of strengthening communication between colleagues and team awareness.