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Artificial Lawn Sand-filling Machine Manual

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1 . Purpose 
This machine is mainly used for filling quartz sand and rubber grains into the artificial lawn.

2 . Main Technical Parameters 
1.Sand Filling Volume : 150 Kg 
2.Sand Filling Width : 700 mm 
3. Moving Rate: Average manual speed 
4.Unloaded Weight : 80 Kg 
5.External Dimension (L-1300mm  W-900mm  H-1000mm)

3 . Structure & Function 
1. This machine is supported with 4 wide wheels to reduce the pressure and protect the lawn. 
2. At the bottom of the hopper, a one-way wheel is adopted to dump the sand. This wheel discharges sand in moving ahead, and holds sand while moving back. 
3. The sand is unloaded in an even rate and high efficiency.


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