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Artificial Lawn Sand-filing Comber Diesel

artificial lawn

1. Purpose
This machine is mainly used for filling quartz sand or rubber grain into the artificial lawn or combing artificial grass.

2. Main Technical Parameters 
Sand Filling Capacity : 1.0 - 1.2 t
Sand Filling Width : 1450 mm
Moving Rate : 1.9 - 2.2 Km/h (subject to the set speed)
Power : 12 Kw
Empty-weight : 1.3t
External Dimension(L-2800mm  W-1960mm  H-2030mm)

3. Structure & Function
1. The hopper is in a welded steel structure, the sand discharge rate may be adjusted through controlling the material discharging angel;

2. A hair brush is installed at the both front or rear end of the hopper respectively, which horizontally reciprocates between the machine, suitable for working in various artificial lawns and filling quartz sand evenly into the lawn;

3. The two sets of hair brush may be raised to a certain height through a hydraulic cylinder to adjust the sand filling thickness. The high speed operation or transportation loading requires the hair brush to be raised to the top height.

4. The hydraulic transmission mechanism drives the air brusher to make Reciprocating motion, which is featured stable and vibration-free. The reciprocating rate of the air brusher is adjustable.

5. A diesel motor is adopted, which is convenient, reliable and economical.


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