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Artificial Lawn Comber Electrical

artificial grass

1 . Purpose 
This machine is suitable for combing the grass of the artificial lawn.

2 . Main Technical Parameters 
1.Combing Width : 1500 mm 
2.Moving Rate : 65 m/min 
3.Power : 3 Kw 
4.Weight : 200 Kg 
5.External Dimension (L-1800mm W-1500mm  H-1200mm)

3 . Structure & Function 
1. The main driving mechanism adopts an aluminum alloy worm speed reducer which is featured as low weight, compact structure and good driving efficiency. 
2. The cylinder air brusher is made of several independent pieces, conveniently dismantled or replaced; 
3. The front wheel is installed with an elevated screw, which is facilitated to the adjustment of the ground clearance of the hair brusher.


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