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Tennis Grass

Tennis grass

Every tennis player has a preference for the surface on which (S) he plays. The choice has been quite varied over the years, with gravel, grass and hard-court is as common varieties. The newest developments in the surfacing industry make VIVATURF SPORTS Surface to be the most ideal alternative.



 Beginners like to play on a 'slow' court, whereas advanced tennis players prefer to play on a 'fast ' surface. VIVATURF SPORTS Surface court can be the answer to meet both needs.

 VIVATURF SPORTS Surface court unites all advantages of various traditional surfaces. For example, VIVATURF SPORTS Surface can be played on under almost all types of weather conditions and demands with very little maintenance.



 VIVATURF SPORTS Surface has proven to be crucial to keep the ceramic sand in place. This enables a perfect grip, whereas foot sliding capabilities are not limited. Ball speed and bounce can live up to gravel courts. The sand stays mobile, adding to the unbounded comfortable character of the court.

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