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Increasing space limitations, especially in cities and urban areas, have resulted in less and less available playing areas for children. And yet sport is becoming a key factor for people health, especially for children. When and where is the actual space to have fun?



Natural grass soon degrades to a dusty or muddy field by intense use in all seasons. Alternatives, mostly concrete or tarmac surfaces, do not particularly offer a safe playing field. All together, reasons enough for many communities, city government, clubs and schools to switch to synthetic turf: always available, safety, durable but also easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Whatever playing surface is chosen, a VIVATURF SPORTS Surface of multi-purpose synthetic turf pitch is a safe and health-conscious choice especially for children. It replaces dusty and sandy grass pitches and concrete pitches, and prevents painful injuries caused by falling on a hard surface such as a street.


Now come with us start the joyful venture of playing on VIVATURF!


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